Real Estates Investments

Our Five Steps REI Concept

No one appreciates investment in real properties more than our founder, Olugbenga B. Ajayi, who is popularly referred to as "O.B. Ajayi". From run down purchase stage to after repairs, to pre-listing, to sale and purchase stage, OB knows and loves it all. He would tell you himself that there is nothing as good as having a very good and well-experienced mentor in the real estate investments arena. He learned from the School of Hard Knocks.  While in the school of Hard Knocks, he made money but also lost money. That’s why having a mentor to hold you through the process at an early stage is important. Now he is working with a concept that assures money making all the time. He now observes this like a hawk, as the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett used to say, "the two rules of investments are: #1 Never Lose Money, and #2 Obey rule #1." That's the essence of having a Guide or Mentor on your team.We have an awesome mentor that truly knows his stuff on our team to ensure that "everyone" on any of our projects, wins.

EMCOL Properties has mastered a concept of successful real estate investments and streamlined the process into a handful of steps that you can basically count on the tip of one hand. Even though there’s nothing proprietary about this concept, it’s the type that has worked for a lot of investors in ages past and will still work for a lot in ages to come. Anyone can do this, IF and only IF,you could just stay focused on these basic steps, you are bound for success.

So our FIVE Steps Real Estate Investments are as follows:

  1. Find, (2) Figure, (3) Fund, (4) Fix, and (5) Finish. For details, click here.

What this means is that our real estate investment concept revolves around FINDING real estate property deals nearby; FIGURING out if there’s money to be made by “everyone” in the process lifecycle of those deals and how to make the money;then going on to FUNDING those deals;once we close on the deals, we will be FIXING or rehabbing as necessary; and then rounding up by FINISHING the deals’ process lifecycle with either flips for immediate cash profits or keep to generate residual income for our investors and friends and then repeat the process lifecycle on the next one; and so on and so forth.

To learn more about this, you've come to the right place. We wouldlove to share our real estate investment concept with as many people as possible. You can contact us for more information.

By the same token, OPTIMUM DEAL is another supporting website of ours through which we engage the general public as we look for deals nearby in which to invest. Optimum Deal is an experience-based inspiration that offers an assured win-win situation for all parties in each and every deal. We believe that any deal wherein one party is left with bad taste is not a good deal whatsoever. Optimum Deal ensures everyone wins from its deals, every single time. To learn more, click here.

Whether you are looking for a home in which you can live or a property for investments, this is the best place to be. Why? Simply because we guarantee each and every deal to be a win-win for everyone!